Rated NA Episode 60 – Question of the week! We gotta get back in time…

It’s that time again.  After some perverted Minecraft talk (see episode 59) the NA crew is heading back into the dungeon to record episode 60 of Rated NA.  As per usual we require your wit to make our podcast as awesome as possible. If you’re feeling generous you could make a quick pit stop on our  iTunes page to give us a quick rating or perhaps a review.  The more you rate, the more powerful we become!  If you’re not part of our Twitter community now is a great time to start!  We do our very best to respond to each and every tweet.   This week’s question was provided by Scott and special guest Ryan. But first let’s set the mood:

Rated NA:60-
If you could go to any time period, past or present, for 1 day, and bring 1 item with you from our time, when, what and why?

That’s it folks. Feel free to respond here, reply to us on twitter or answer it on Facebook. We’ll be recording Saturday around noon (EST).

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  1. Pilx

    As much as I’d love to just travel back about 3 months to win Powerball and live like a P.I.M.P…I guess my less selfish answer would be…
    Where: PangeaWhen: 200 Million Years ago (mid-Jurrasic)What to bring: A digital cameraWhy?: Cause I could go see fucking Dinosaurs. Something no one has ever seen. I could take videos and pics and, providing I survive I could bring them back and make sweet posters to sell at the flea market.

  2. Ash

    In theory any serious mucking with the time-stream would cause a paradox, which I assume is a bad thing.  If paradoxes aren’t an issue, I’d probably stop Gavrlio Princip from assassinating Austrian Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand  (06/ 28/1914) . A number of history nerds theorize that this single event was the catalyst for WWI which in turn spawned the Treaty of Versailles/ WWII.  No Treaty of Versailles, no angry Hitler, no WWII, no Holocaust, no Pearl, no Hiroshima, no Cold War…. Trillions of dollars could have been used for the advancement of civilization/technology and not nuclear deterrence…

    This all leads to more advanced video game consoles and pizza with no calories. I would bring Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle to snipe the gun from Princip’s hand just to be ironic…

  3. Jbumi

    I’ll skip the obvious – winning lottery numbers.  I’d take either FF1 or DQ1 back to me so I could get into gaming earlier.  The few people I knew that had a Nintendo or Sega console only had Mario, Sonic and/or some sports games.  I didn’t know about RPGs.  It wasn’t until my girlfriend-at-the-time wanted the new & shiny Playstation for Christmas (which I got her with Abe’s Oddysee & Final Fantasy VII – both chosen because of the tv commercials) that I “discovered” them!!!  She grew bored with the system after about 3 months – so I felt no qualms when I took it with me when we broke up!!!  Besides, she wanted a computer for her birthday the following March – that she kept with no argument from me.

    BTW, my image is from the PS1 game, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.  The “thing” strapped to her side is her gun.

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