Rated NA 59: banging stuff and collecting things and then making stuff

We’re back on a short week to talk Republique, TV deathwatch, Avengers, Minecraft, ME3: Operation Silencer, and Sniper Elite V2. We also continue our “summer game pile” series, and take your answers to our open thread about sidekicks in a post apocalyptic world. Beware the creepers.

Rated NA 59

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  1. Micah

    Minecraft, minecraft, minecraft!!! (If you say it enough times it becomes a Nazi battle-cry).

    Unfortunately, as much of a Minecraft fanboy as I am, I am skipping the 360 version. Minecraft is sort of like your backyard. You go in the back and build stuff with your buddies. But, after a day of sticks and rocks you want a little more. This is where the mod community comes in. 80% of what I enjoy about Minecraft is what the community contributes. Texture packs, client mods, server plugins, server permissions (slash commands), and even Minecraft youtube channels/podcasts like the Yogscast is really the meat of the game. The 360 version is only “Vanilla”. We all got addicted to the original game, but I really think people will get tired of the same wood and rocks. Also, its a “building” game like an RTS and you have an inventory like WoW… which for me is a lot more difficult to use with a controller (my opinion). Another interesting point is the game was ported over from Minecraft version 1.6. And they rebuilt it from the ground up for 360… so now the PC vanilla version has more features than the 360 version. Which is interesting. I’m curious if they will try and keep up with PC or go their own way. 

    In other news, while I really loved Community… they have been slipping lately. While I liked the occasional total offshoot episode (i.e. Paintball, Claymation, Pillow Forts…), it got weird and not as good. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I noticed I stopped getting excited about new episodes.


    1. Scott

      I’ll probably never play Minecraft, but I’d like to know whether it really is a game or not. Like you said, it’s like “your backyard”. So from a technical or academic standpoint, is Minecraft a “game” or is it “play” ? I suspect it is the latter, which is why I believe I can’t get interested in it. 

      I go back and forth on our favorite NBC comedies. In my mind, I still like them all, but I also worry about this too, haha:

      1. Ash

        I fear video game addiction these days.  I’m not going to pick up Minecraft, but I respect folks that play the game.  I just really want Minecraft 2 with smooth textures, weather, dragons, and a building objectives.  (don’t say that I can get all of those things with mods)

        1. Pilx

          Yeah. I played Minecraft on the PC for a hot minute and loved it but a more realistic world with more enemies and players to interact with would be amazing.

  2. Fluidfyre

    Great cast guys, man I don’t even know what to talk about in reply!?

    Didn’t know you guys liked South Park haha ahh… so dear to my heart. 

    Love hearing about Minecraft 360 – I’ve been playing on PC for a year or two. Though I avoid it because of how addictive it is. I don’t think I’ll end up on 360 because of it – I like texture packs and running our own server too much! On what you said in the comments, Scott, I don’t know if it’s a ‘game’ – but now you’ve got me thinking. Is it just a different kind of digital toy that we manipulate? And when does something like that gain the moniker ‘game’? What does something (tabletop, board, video) need to have to be considered a game?

    And Saints Row! I don’t think there are enough games like it out there – it really is a big joke, I found it to be a game just for fun really. I mean, I love the stories, the gameplay etc. of other video games – but I found that the Third was just hilarious. Over the top. But really, just fun and insane. It’s weird to think back to the original Saints Row haha and what it’s become now? I don’t think they’re even the same beast. 

    SUPER excited about Jennifer Hale! I am so jealous, and quite impressed!

    My partner just started playing the Sniper Elite – as someone who enjoys sniping and sneaking, it’s looked like a lot of fun. I mean, it’s not overly complex – but not all games have to be :p And really, who doesn’t love shooting Nazi?

    Wait, has this comment had any substance?

    1. Scott

      Yes! I’ve stuck with South Park through the years. Upon closer inspection, the quote actually comes from the South Park Movie, where Chef dispenses some advice to Stan about making Wendy fall for her. 

      Annnyyyhoowww, there is a metric shit ton (scientific term) of scholarly lit out there about what constitutes a game. A definition that I’ve found useful over the years is from Jesper Juul: 

      “A game is a rule-based formal system with a variable and quantifiable outcome, where different outcomes are assigned different values, the player exerts effort in order to influence the outcome, the player feels attached to the outcome, and the consequences of the activity are optional and negotiable.”

      This is sort of a meta-definition, and there are certainty other definitions out there from folks like Jane McGonigal depending on your operationalization and research interests.

      With Minecraft I think you could argue for either, whether you decide the main appeal is to a.) build things or b.) defend your structures. I think the former constitutes play, and the latter, game-ness. 

      1. Micah

        Hrm, I actually was going to originally agree with you and say it’s really just “play.” But, now that I read your definition I guess it sort of meets the criteria. The outcome is to build until you are happy and satisfied with your creation (and the player is very tied to that outcome, even though it is not set by the game), and there are rules as to how to acquire the resources and build. However, regardless of the definition, it is a game where just build with your buddies. And yes, it sounds boring. I think EVERY players first reaction when they got in Minecraft was, “wow, those are some bad graphics”… followed by, “is this all I do?”, followed by, “Why did that tree not fall when I knocked the wood off the bottom?” haha. But before you know it you are sitting on top a giant castle.

        1. Fluidfyre

          I am with you there! I was in the same ‘WTF’ camp when I first tried it – and that yes, it sounded very boring and I didn’t know what all the fuss was (especially considering the graphics). But then, simply creating things – and coming up with things you can create – and gathering what you need to create them? That became it’s own crack-like reward. Very very easy to lose TOO much time in it – and sleep hah. 

          It’s one of the few games I’d recommend to almost anyone, because I think it fosters a lot of good properties in a person – self starting, exploration, creativity, spatial planning to organize what you’re building, all while trying to be conscious of what is around you so you don’t die/explode etc. 

      2. Fluidfyre

        Mmm that definition (however meta it might be) gets me thinking about what other sorts of ‘games’ I end up playing and whether they fit within that broad spectrum. But then, I suppose as long as there is a goal you are seeking to attain (however you end up defining it) that would result in its inclusion.

        1. Micah

           Fluid, me and two of my buddies rampage in a “Tekkit” server. We are extreme xenophobes because we fear griefers and generally un-fun people. But since youre on NA you must be good folk. You’re welcome to come check it out. If you havent seen the ridiculous Tekkit server pack, its a bit much to explain… but the Tekkit with Duncan video series is the best way to understand it haha.

          1. Fluidfyre

            Thank you! If I chance to play I’ll definitely keep it in mind 🙂 I haven’t in a few months because it’s so easy to sink time into! I am also one of those extremely paranoid ones lol! I feel like I hide on my server like a little kid holding their arms around a sandcastle at the beach.

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