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PAX East 2012: Day One Teaser!

PAX East 2012 is off to a great, and hectic, start.  The NA crew began the day by getting our grubby mitts on Borderlands 2, Orcs Must Die 2, and more titles than my brain can currently recall.  I won’t lie, I was so exhausted on my way out of the convention center this evening that I got lost and wandered in circles for a good half an hour.  I suppose it didn’t help that PAX erected a wall in the middle of the show floor that ended up confusing me a great deal.  By the time I made it outside, I was pretty delirious and I have odd memories of being serenaded by Link himself…

After trying out a veritable nerdicopia of upcoming titles, I wiggled my way into three Bioware-flavored panels and live-tweeted the happenings to the best of my ability.  For those that don’t feel like sifting through our Twitter feed, I plan on posting detailed versions of these panel reviews as soon as I get some grub.  Enjoy this small teaser gallery of images from our adventures, and thanks again for reading.