Rated NA 45: Ocular Surgery

Rated NA 45

Join us in our year end wrap up as we bring you stats on SWTORs opening week, the Ocean Marketing debacle, and reviews of Super Mario 3D, Alcatraz (pilot), Young Adult, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and Saints Row: The Third. Finally, we talk about our favorite movies, games, comics, etc of 2011 along with your twitter responses. Blam!


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. justin

    yet another outstanding job, guys. i do hope to write again one day for the site soon. i’m kicking around some ideas for reviews.

  2. kitlerc

    A: They like me! They really like me!
    B: Yes, I’m guy. 😛
    C: Compared to the alternative of finding a RB3 Fender Squier Pro Guitar (last seen for $300) and an adapter for that ($40) Rocksmith is a very affordable option, especially if you already have a guitar. Even if you don’t, they have a bundle with game, ‘dongle,’ and guitar for $200.
    D: Yeah, it is more of a trainer than a game, but it is a very fun way to do it.
    E: Yes, it does have dynamic difficulty, pretty cool stuff.
    F: No, they do not shock you for wrong notes. xp

    My biggest beef with the game is the poor soundtrack. I need songs that I want to learn to keep playing. But if you see it for sale, you should totally get it.

    1. Ash

      Thanks guys, we really appreciate the kind words. We’re working out some logistical kinks with Matt living in New York now, but we’re hoping 2012 will be a good one for the site/podcast.

      You guys rule.

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