The Trenches

The Trenches: A new web comic from the makers of PvP and Penny Arcade

A new bi-weekly web comic from the creators of PvP and Penny Arcade

Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Holkins all started web comics in the 90s. PvP and Penny Arcade have gone on to be MASSIVE online hits and have even branched out into conventions (PAX), books, and an animated series. The success is easily measured. Well the three of them apparently bored out of their skulls with running their current empires decided to branch out with a new comic called The Trenches. Only been one strip so far, just came out yesterday. The new series is titled The Trenches.

I could tell you what it’s about, but to be honest with only one strip out, they can probably do it better.

The Trenches documents the tribulations of software testing with the precision tools of “the office comedy.”  It has lots of characters and lots of things happen.  We’re getting to all of that.  For now, here are some mysterious silhouettes.

(more on said silhouettes here)

So there you have it, this has already been added to my weekly reader list.