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Open thread: being moved by video games

In today’s open thread, I thought it would be fun to recall some experiences in video games in which you were moved.

It’s easy to begin to become desensitized after continuous exposure to games, but it all pays off in that moment where the game shows you something new —  you connect with a character, feel for the loss of a video game character, or celebrate an accomplishment as if you were part of something bigger than yourself.

Many were moved during that ride into Mexico in Red Dead Revolver with Jose Gonzalez playing in the background. That was a great achievement in cinematic gaming. I also felt that developed some personal concern for the soldiers’ safety in the most recent Medal of Honor single player campaign. We’ve also revealed that, despite being a virtual character, many of us stayed true to Liara during the events of ME2.

Personally, I remember the experience I had reaching the end of Super Metroid on the SNES during the final boss battle. Sacrifice comes right on the brink of destruction… I remember playing that moment with a friend in the room and we both started screaming at the TV as Samus bitch slapped Mother Brain into oblivion. I don’t know how this is considered a spoiler at this point but… spoiler alert below

The floor is open. What was the last time you were moved by an experience in a video game? What is your most memorable?

Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday from the NA crew.


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  1. Ash

    Mass 2: Shep’s speech to the crew before the suicide mission.

    Gears 2: When Dom “finds” Maria.

    Dragon Age 2: Finding your mom in the sewers.

  2. matt

    1) RDR Mexico, nothing else has ever come close.
    2) Mass 2 speech
    3) Mass 2 Joker solo
    4) Metal Gear Meryl’s Death

  3. Danielle

    Lots of little moments in just about any Bioware game but in particular –
    Mass Effect 2 – Shep’s speech
    Mass Effect 2 – after the reaper mission if any crew members have died
    Dragon Age 2 – Scene with Hawke’s mom

  4. Scott

    I think I need to revisit this speech in ME2. Also interesting that many of these moments are relatively current.

  5. Benjamin M Piety

    Just recently got my hands on Limbo… took my breath away. Eerie, melancholic, and quite beautiful. The best download game I’ve ever played.

    Red Dead’s final moment too… Damn fine.

  6. Scott

    NA Podcast guest Amy was a big fan of Limbo. I will admit there was some disagreement about the ending (and what happens after) in RDR. Still a great story with great characters nontheless.

  7. Micah G

    I don’t want to drop spoilers… but Red Dead Redemption deserves mention here.

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