NBC Gives CHUCK A Fifth Season!

They’ve done it again!

Struggling all season with a 1.4 rating (note: not great) Chuck has pulled off something spectacular, a 5th season pickup!  Having watched Chuck since the first season it continues to be one of my favorite shows on television with constant nods to all things nerdy.  This season Chuck managed to pull off something that kills most shows, babies and an actual functioning romantic relationship! Also, the bulk of the season took place out of the Buy-More and in the field. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure the addition of Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conner) and Timothy Dalton (James Bond) didn’t hurt either.

Why are we so happy the show is sticking around?  Having attended all the Chuck Comic-Con panels I can say with total certainty that the cast of Chuck loves their fans. I’ve seen Zachary Levi tear up in total appreciation of the people that continually save his show. This is just a brief post to congratulate the cast and crew Chuck on their success, (as well as their impending syndication).  Five seasons in today’s cut-throat world of show cancellations in no small feat.