Battlefield 3: twelve minute “Fault Line” gameplay trailer

Battlefield 3 is coming this winter, and from the looks of things those crazy vikings over at DICE have set the bar incredibly high. How high? My simple brain is telling me that we’re looking at the next generation of FPS. While you may be sick and tired of FPS games I feel compelled to remind you that DICE and Infinity Ward essentially created the genre of realistic first person shooters. Yep, prior to Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty we had FPS games like Duke Nukem and Quake. When these guys show off something so incredible looking you bet the rest of the development world are taking notice (and probably crapping their pants). While we wait patiently to see what Respawn is building, DICE clearly is years ahead of the competition. NOTE: This is a “leaked” video as it shouldn’t have been available until BF:3 got a million “likes” on facebook. So enjoy it while it’s still up!