Dead Space 2: Severed DLC

Dead Space 2: Severed DLC – Reviewed

If you are looking for a new story in the Dead Space universe that will leave you with goose bumps for $7…I highly recommend grabbing this DLC. If you are looking for some good fights, 250 achievement points and access to a new suit and rifle…I highly recommend grabbing this DLC. If you are looking for new places to see, new hair raising situations or more info on why Isaac is such a pushover…you probably won’t get what you came looking for but I’d still grab this DLC.

Playing as Gabe Weller, who you would know if you’ve played Dead Space: Extraction was a nice change but of course you’re still after a woman, your wife Lexine. Loaded up with a new suit with a stasis module, and an upgraded pulse rifle from the start you are ready to remove some limbs. The store, not far away is stocked with all available weapons from the full game along with 50,000 credits to have fun with. Along your journey you’ll run in to an old friend from the first game, the twitcher and of course everyone else you’ve grown to love to kill.

The game is quick, under two hours easily; however there are moments that give some challenge. When you see a necromorph you better bet it has a few friends creeping up behind you. While the levels were primarily rehashed versions of the full game run in reverse and overall the encounters with enemies are predictable (hey I wonder what’s going to happen when I unlock this door, or go down this giant elevator) I found that Severed still found a way to bring some new fun to the series. If you find yourself thinking it was too easy try your hand at Zealot. Take note: you can’t restart from a saved game as before so you’ll have to face the toughest of enemies with few upgrades.

I would have liked to see a brand new weapon, or ability or something completely unseen but for now I’ll have to settle with a great story, the same amazing gameplay and a nice pile of bodies.

Nerd Appropriate:

The story, a new suit, new version of the seeker rifle, challenging fights.

Not Nerd Appropriate:

It’s short, nothing really “New”, no new game+ restarts, recycled level design.


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  1. Ash

    Buying it as soon as I’m done with a few DA2 playthroughs. Thank you sir!

  2. Justin

    Great review, and I fully agree with you. That one scene where your team mate transforms was pretty good. Lets hope more DLC comes out in the future

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