StarWars BluRay

Amazon taking pre-orders for Star Wars on Blu-Ray

That's no moon, it's a giant pile of money.

These are the movies you are looking for. You will pre-order these movies.

Seriously, it doesn’t really matter what said or written here. If you are a Star Wars fan you’ll pick up these movies. There will probably be some behind the scenes features, previously unreleased footage, blah blah blah. Just do it already, Amazon currently lists the entire saga for around $90, with individual trilogies for $45 each. And, really, who is going to just buy the prequel trilogy? I’d like to hear about it.

Let’s fill the rest of the space with a short rant. At the time of this posting there are already 20 reviews on Amazon for a product that hasn’t even been released yet!! What? Does Amazon pay you by the letter, or by the review, or do you just feel the burning desire deep down inside to tell the world why you’re angry about what edits of the movies made it onto the blu-ray discs? Maybe you’re just trying to pad your review stats. People who are stoked gave it five stars, those who aren’t gave it one. But, by what can only be assumed to be reasoning worthy of Nobel consideration, people have found ways to assign 2-4 stars for (again) a product that hasn’t even been released yet!! If you’re not going to buy these discs solely because Han didn’t shoot first, then I wish you the best, as you stew in a pile of your deteriorating VHS bootleg copies recorded off of the USA network, circa 1992. This is where Star Wars ends for you, and its kinda sad.

You must unlearn what you have learned. If you’ve checked your TV guide recently, Star Wars isn’t about you anymore, and maybe it’s not for you either. Kids are getting into Star Wars with the Clone Wars series with strong, young female characters. They don’t care who shot first, they find the original trilogy to be boring. The rest of us are getting ready for Seth Green’s new animated comedy series and looking forward to Bioware’s ToR. We enjoy the Family Guy and Robot Chicken spoofs. We even manage to choke down The Force Unleashed series and there will almost undoubtedly be a Star Wars Kinect game in the future. By the way, that Podrace and that chase after Zam Wesel between the buildings of Coruscant will probably look spectacular in 3D. With so much great Star Wars still yet to be enjoyed (33 years later), there’s no point in being angry. Believe it. Besides, anger leads to hate… and hate leads to suffering. And that, is why you fail.


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  1. Beast_Mode

    I love the clone wars animated series. so good!

  2. haleyxvader

    I’m dark side so I’ll fear and hate all I want.

    ….But yes I’ll be buying the 9 disc BR.

    1. Scott

      I suppose there are exceptions to every rule, heh.

  3. Ryan

    Buying just the prequels on blu ray for someone would be the best/worst troll present ever.

    1. Scott

      the only thing that even kind of makes sense is that a kid might ask for them (who didn’t grow up on the originals), and the parent is wanting to save $45. Even that doesn’t make total sense when I type it.

      1. Ryan

        I think the new nerdy thing is to NOT like Star Wars. Seriously. Am I the only one getting a little sick of it? Do I lose Nerd-cred for that? OR GAIN IT?

  4. Ash

    I’ll probably end up getting these on Blu-Ray when they drop. I never actually got the original trilogy on DVD because I have the original trilogy committed to memory and didn’t really see the point of owning anything other than my sweet VHS copies…

    However, Lucas does put a lot of work into his Blu-Ray discs. The Clone Wars is one of the finest looking Blu- Rays I’ve ever seen. The level of detail in season 2 is staggering. It’s like watching a moving piece of art.

    For those that dismissed it as too “kiddy”, you clearly haven’t see it in a while.. It has changed a whole lot.

    1. Scott

      Agreed, Clone Wars has continued to get better each season.

  5. dtmexploded

    The problem I have with this set is not the special edition bs. Yes I would prefer a set with the “original” versions included. The bigger annoyance for me is the fact that I can’t have (most of) the special features unless I shell out for the “entire saga,” and I don’t give a rat’s ass about Episodes I and II.

    Also, I’ve never seen the Clone Wars but hear it’s bad ass.

    1. Ash

      DTM if you have a blu-ray, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It starts out a bit hokey, but about halfway through season 1 it gets amazing.

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