Ducks Going Down

CES: Avatar Kinect and Nefarious Kinect hacks.

Say what you will about Microsoft’s Kinect Peripheral, having sold 8 million units since launch it’s a colossal hit. I got one for my wife this holiday, and she’s been dancing up a storm and loving the hell out of it. My only major complaint thus far is the space requirement. We have around 7 feet between our couch and the Kinect sensor (although the sensor claims you only need 6 feet ) and were having some issues. We ended up having to mount a shelf behind the television specifically for the Kinect, and now it works fine. A lot of people are not going to have 8 feet to play with by the T.V..

People are excited about Avatar Kinect

And here is the next big thing from CES: Avatar Kinect

The most innovative things from Kinect haven’t come from Microsoft, but hackers who are figuring out insane ways to push the hardware to new levels. Check these out!
Great Video on Kinect Hacks below

Used for far more jiggly and nefarious purposes.

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  1. Scott

    Looks like an upcoming episode of Rated NA will be on Avatar Kinect.

    Anyone remember that original Kinect video where the kid scans in his skateboard to play a game, or where the dad jumps up off the couch to change a tire during the racing game. Sometimes the promotion doesn’t always live up to reality, but we’ll see…

  2. Ryan

    I think “The Ducks are going DOOOWWWNNNN” is my new catchprase for 2011.

    1. Ash

      I think we were the first ones to really notice how amazing that clip really is. It’s like they’re all little budding Jim Carey plastic faces.

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