Dragon Age 2: New Combat Video!

Isabella - You may remember her from DA:0

I had the pleasure of trying out Dragon Age II over the summer at San Diego Comic Con 2010.  Was I a lucky member of the press whisked away to some dark room to spend hours with the game? No, absolutely not.  I waited in a long line with other passionate fans for about an hour to get my hands on an early build of the game.  As I told a number of my friends, the game looked and felt amazing.  Combat had been sped up, and everything felt more fluid and tactile.  Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw was standing a few feet away as I got a feel for the controls.  He was cool enough to stick around for a while after the preview to answer a handful of my questions.  My first thoughts were “why is this guy answering my questions?”, soon followed by “wow… Canadians are all super nice”.  I could tell Laidlaw knew I was a fan, and that I was beyond eager for the next installment of Dragon Age.  He even asked the camera crew to film my reaction to the Game, and the changes that were made.  I’m happy to say that somewhere in a dank Canadian Bioware vault is footage of me acting like a total spaz.

Here is some footage of this new combat released today by Bioware, followed by another great making of clip.