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Ready for comic-con…again?

Comic Con Fail

Alright, here’s the deal. Comic-con is issuing 1000 4-day no preview night badges this Wednesday at 8am PST. That means at 11am us East coasters better be ready…or not, because this is only a test to see how full on registration goes.

So, if you want to give it another go during what may be another rocky ride, then get ready on Wednesday. Otherwise, there will be future details released when the full sale will go online. The catch is that you will only be able to purchase 2 passes at this time. At least if you make it through the ticket leap part of the process, it appears that you will be guaranteed those passes. Here are the details straight from the horses mouth:

Qouted from comic-con.org

After two failures, we believe the best option is to use the combined efforts of both a ticket seller (TicketLeap) and a registration company (EPIC) in tandem. TicketLeap will be responsible for managing initial badge requests, while EPIC will send unique registration log-in codes, and process badge registration/payment.

We realize having to log in to two separate sites is an inconvenience, but we hope this will result in a successful and less stressful experience for attendees.

Before we implement this plan, we have scheduled a test with 1,000 4-day badges without Preview Night to make sure this plan will actually work.

Pretty simple I guess, see you on wednesday.

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  1. Ash

    This is a totally awful plan. Two log ins? Do they realize that you have to order each ticket individually? Here is to hoping it goes a bit smoother this time.

  2. matt

    I actually think this system may be ok, from what it seems like, the ticketing system is essentially going to take the brunt of the damage from a lot of people hitting the system at the same time. Then if you get through that (buying up to 2 passes), you just head over to epic and finish up when it’s ready to go.

  3. Micah G

    Well I thought flying cars and landing on mars would happen in my lifetime… it is now clear my dreams will never come to fruition.

  4. Pilx

    Reading the explanation of their process hurts my brains. The whole thing is par for the course with comic-con though. I feel like it has been run the same since I first went in 2003…they had an attendance of 70,000 people. 2010 they were over 130,000. Thats basically twice the amount of people…yet the way they handle ticketing remains the same, lines for panels is the same, floor space is the same. I think this thing needs a huge overhaul and needs to have some money behind it.

    1. matt

      couldn’t agree more, although I hardly doubt that money is an issue. 130,000 * 30 * 4 = an ass load of money not to mention shirts, books, and other things. A large portion of their staff is volunteer (and it shows), although a good portion is paid too. I just think the whole thing needs to be rethought.

      If something like Coachella can go off with minimal problems year after year, I don’t see why this can’t.

      1. Pilx

        Yeah, I’m not saying they don’t have the money. I feel like they just don’t want to spend it. They are enjoying the mass influx of people to their event…they need to step it up.

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