Call Of Duty Black Ops (2010)


CODBLOPS isn’t a new STD from the jungles of the Amazon, although it sure sounds like it. CODBLOPS is actually a rather awkward acronym for: Call of Duty Black Ops. This afternoon I had the opportunity to really sit down with CODBLOPS and give multi-player a try.

Nerd Appropriate

  • • Maps – The maps this time are much more enjoyable and tend to cater to a faster play style. Gone are the days of “campers” with .50 cal sniper rifles. If you try that this time around your life expectancy will be about 10 seconds, I know because I tried.
  • • Guns – I noticed a lot of people using a wide variety of weapons. If you played COD:MW2 you soon realized everyone had the tendency to use the same 3 or 4 weapons. After leveling up to rank 34 I saw a wide variety of guns being used by my enemies. Variety is always good.
  • • Customization – This has been mentioned by a ton of other gaming sites, but customization is what makes this game worth purchasing. For instance, I really wanted to be the point man for my squad so I outfitted my character with a massive M-60, bomb blast suit, C4 explosives, an RPG and some poison gas canisters. Sure I was the slowest guy on the battlefield, but those pesky radio controlled cars couldn’t one shot me (more on those in a sec). If you want to get really crazy you can customize your guns with a variety of paint schemes, scopes, reticules, and attachments. You want a fire engine red AK-47 with a flamethrower attached to the bottom of it so you can reenact the scene from Aliens where Ripley burns those nasty eggs? Do it.
  • • Perks – It’s hard to really explain how the perk system has changed from the last COD game, but what I can tell you is that the current system is much better and seems to promote team work, which is something the last game was lacking. For instance in CODBLOPS when you upgrade your “last stand” perk through a series of challenges your teammates can race to revive you. This revival means that you can continue on your killing spree without losing your “streak”.  Streaking is a big deal.

Not Nerd Appropriate

  • • People are damn good – Expect to spend your first 10 levels getting your ass handed to you. Part of the difficulty stems from learning the maps and figuring out what weapon suits you best. I spent the first 10 levels with a rusty old double barrel shotgun and a pistol.  While I looked menacing I had a .25 KDR (= not good). It gets better the more you play.
  • • The Community – Call of duty has the worst gaming community on the planet. There I said it. The scary thing is, CODBLOPS is currently the highest played FPS on the market. This equates to a massive community of racists and homophobes that are out there virtually killing people all day long. I tend to just mute everyone except for my friends that happen to be playing.
  • • The Grind – After about 10 hours of play I made it to lvl 34. If you wish to have the satisfaction of “maxxing out” your level, expect to be playing CODBLOPS for about a whole year. You could be really into this feature, I am not.
  • • No Barret .50 Cal – I miss that gun and the noise it would make (sad face).

So there you have it. I deem CODBLOPS Multi Nerd Appropriate. See you on there.

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  1. Scott

    does the gun actually have PWN etched into it? #NotAnEasterEgg

  2. Ash

    Yessir. You can pay to carve your clan tag into your weapons. For the record that is not my clan tag.

    1. Scott

      If by pay you mean real money, then this really highlights the sad state of gaming with micro-transactions.

      1. Derek

        It’s an in-game currency. Not real money, if it were I wouldn’t be playing. Micro-transactions are something I don’t abide.

  3. Micah

    Great summary… I completely agree. I wanted this game to be terrible so I could mount it on my wall next to Medal of Honor and the moose head as proof of my adventures and we could all get back to playing Battlefield. However, I must admit… despite my deep mistrust of Treyarch… I had a blast. Zombies here we come!

    (I hope HTML works in this comment box…)
    And this game and it’s community of kids who all seem to have Intermittent explosive disorder and amok further continue to prove John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory correct.

    1. Derek

      When you stop having to study so much tell me and we will destroy some Bad Company 2.

      1. Micah

        Tomorrow (Friday) I have my shelf exam for family medicine at 8:30am… after that, game on brother.

  4. Derek

    You need to play a little more there are still a lot of campers. Also I think the Gears of War online community is worse than CoD’s but it’s a lesser of two evils type thing.

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