Rated NA 204: It’s a Mad World


Created by Bethany Westmoreland @Hemiart

Hosts: Ash, Matt, & Scott

The boys are back! All three of your hosts are present for this episode where we discuss Twin Peaks, Jimmy Hinson’s new Big Giant Circles Album for the game There Came an Echo and Wet Hot American Summer. We review Mad Max: Fury Road, The Witcher 3 and Other Space on Yahoo Screen. Finally we find out what treasures you’ve uncovered on the side of the road in our NAQOTW.

This week’s cover art was done by our old pal Bethany Westmoreland. Make sure you follow her on Twitter @Hemiart and keep your eyes peeled for more of her amazing work. Thanks Bethany!

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  1. steve goodad

    great recording this week…. so fun

  2. steve goodad

    great recording this week…. so fun

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