Rated NA 141: Deep fried podcast


The gang talks about Harmonix’s announcement of Chroma, the winding down of Irrational Games, and the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. We take one last look at the Titanfall beta, and take a peek into the Art of Titanfall. In our NAQOTW, you tell us about the fake Olympic sports you’d like to see from games and film. Deep Fried!

Rated NA 141


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast. I like good and bad sci-fi films/tv, synthesizers, and the retrofuture. I am primarily an Xbox gamer, but also do some PC and Switch gaming as well. By day, I am a research scientist, mostly in topics related to human-computer interaction and user experience. Before all of this, fellow NA co-founder Matt and I played music together in various bands. I also used to make "comedy" videos for my high school morning news program before there was a place to post them online. Favorite Star Wars character? Admiral Ackbar. Best Bond era? Timothy Dalton (Craig a close second). Top 3 games? Let's go with System Shock 2, A Link to the Past, and Super Castlevania IV. Thanks for being a part of this labor of nerdy love with us.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    YES ON THE COOKING CORNER! I love it so much! Or baking too, any of it. I love all of it. Would help, I cook and bake all the time.

    I’m with you guys in the feelings about Levine and what happened with Irrational Games. It came across as selfish. Even if he wants to move on, it felt like he made the decision without regard for all the people who were affected, because it’s what he wanted to do. It just felt wrong to me.

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