Bioshock Infinite: Brady’s Limited Edition Strategy Guide is Classy

NA_BIOSHOCK_GUIDEAs soon as I beat Bioshock Infinate‘s campaign I instantly wanted more. Where were all collectibles and bits of story I had missed? Could I unravel enough of the story on my own without resorting to an online wiki? Bioshock Infinite’s limited edition strategy guide from Bradygames not only answered all of my pressing questions, it answered them with style. In the introduction Irrational’s Ken Levine states something that I couldn’t agree with more,” It’s a true insider’s look at the game, to explore Colombia with a packet of information that Booker Dewitt would have killed for..”  In recent years Brady’s strategy guides have gotten better and better with display-worthy books of art that you’ll want to hold onto for quite some time. I love devouring the books AFTER I beat a game so that when I play the game a second time I feel all the more prepared.



This particular strategy guide is plump with great art (some of my favorite in recent years actually), maps, strategies, and item locations. The limited edition guide also ships with an incredibly cool replica bird/cage key that looks great and actually has a solid weight to it. You can pick up the guide up HERE and add it to your collection.


It will all make sense


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