Sony Drops the Best Video Game Commercial of All Time – Michael

I’m sad to admit that my Playstation 3 collects a lot of dust. Sure, I’ve played my fair share of Uncharted, Infamous, and Metal Gear Solid 4, but I have happen to have more friends on X-Box Live, so that’s where I typically do my gaming. I’ve been hearing about Sony’s “Michael” trailer for a few days now and felt incredibly compelled to share it with you all. While I don’t want to spoil any of the “magic” of the commercial, I have to say that the brief 2:12 commercial elicited more emotion out of me than any feature film I’ve seen this year. Does this mean I’m a nerd, hell yes, but there is something about “Michael” that perfectly captures why I’ll be playing games until the day I die. Enjoy….


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  1. Justin

    best commerical ever. great job, sony.

  2. Jackie

    I don’t game, but I loved seeing all of the characters in 3D 🙂

  3. Ella

    When I first saw this as a youtube commercial, I seriously cried. It really touched my heart.

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