Happy Labor Day From Nerd Appropriate!

Hey there gang! We hope everything is going great for you all on this very special labor inducing holiday. Just writing a quick post to wish you all a most excellent day!  Sadly, I’ve been without the internet for a bit due to a lightning strike (thanks Zeus…) , but the good folks at Brighthouse finally sent a technician our way that really knew what he was doing.  We have some great content coming your way this month with a handful of secret interviews, guest writers, PAX: Prime news, as well as some fun content from Bioware and Capcom. So out of curiosity, what are you all up to this fine Labor Day? Me? I spent the day loafing in my Atari pajamas while playing some Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Oh yeah! We recorded Rated NA: 35 (download and rate!)  on Saturday and I wanted to thank you all again for the excellent Twitter feedback!  We appreciate it!  Be well my nerdy friends!

Uhm.. this is what they meant right?