Rated NA 24 – NA: A Sink Hole of Mayo? (Live at 7:30 EST)

Rated NA 24 (05/05/2011) – NA: A Sink Hole of Mayo?

Tune in @ 7:30 EST to our live recording of a very mayo covered podcast! #24

Derek joins us again – He flies planes and plays games.


  • Mass Effect 3 Delayed until 2012 (Is it becoming something else?)
  • Thor… is good? WTF 88% on Rotten Tomatoes with 96 reviews
  • We get Spooky – Spooky Empires Mayhem Convention – Cool!
  • Big E3 Announcements (e3 is now a month away… dramatic music)
  • Matt gets pissed about Star Wars Day!
  • The Big Assassin’s Creed Reveal –  More Enzio = More Pizza?


  • Fast Five – Why is this movie so good?
  • Marvel Motion comics appear on Netflix Streaming (astonishing X-men, Iron man, Etc)

Open Thread (Debate):

  • “How do you teach someone to play a cover based 3rd person shooter?” -Derek