Fallout New Vegas DLC on its way


Bethesda announced today that we will be getting 3 months of glorious Fallout New Vegas content starting May 17th. I am currently playing through the campaign and loving it. I have been a huge Fallout fan for quite some time now, and was one of the many that enjoyed the new take Fallout 3 brought us. If you experienced enough bugs in New Vegas upon release that it made you stop playing, I highly recommend picking it back up, I’m a decent way in and haven’t experienced any of the legendary bugs that I had been told of.

So, 3 new expansions, first up on May 17 we have Honest Hearts which finds you in the wilderness of Utah’s Zion National Park. Followed in June by Old World Blues which will have you scavenging through an old research center to see how some of the Mojave’s mutants came to be…well…mutants. Lastly we’ll have Lonesome Road out in July. This brings the courier’s story full circle when the original Courier Six sends you to “the Divide.”

All DLC will be 800 points on XBL, or in real money terms $9.99 on Steam, D2D and the always secure PSN.

I for one can’t wait, check out more details in the Press Release.

Fallout New Vegas DLC


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  1. Scott

    Fallout 3, for me, was a lengthy (but enjoyable) life investment. It may be a while before I hit Vegas, but I’m kinda holding out for a GOTY style edition.

  2. Ash

    You’re holding out for the GOATSE edition Scott..

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