Superbowl 2011: Captain America and Thor trailers

For those of you that didn’t sit glued to the television, here are both the Captain America and Thor teaser trailers. Captain America looks damn amazing, Thor… well I’m not too sold on yet.



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  1. Pilx

    I’m stoked for Captain America and the trailer actually looks pretty good.

  2. Ryan

    The Captain America trailer was FAR better than I had expected. I was thinking the promotional stills of the suit, and some of the set pics looked a bit cheese, but it seems they nailed the vibe and look of the era. It looks more Indiana Jones than Phantom.

    That being said, this movie looks like it will work because of the noir-y setting, so I’m wondering how cornball Cap’s gonna look in the Avengers movie; my guess is they’re going to try and fix that by making the suit more “gritty” and “dark”

  3. Ash

    I think it looks amazing. Being a huge WW2 buff it’s great to see the experimental Horton Flying V in action. I wrote a script in 2006 about WW2 and half the shit I put in it has been “stolen” by the movie mafia. /sad face

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