Wizard and Toyfare close down.

So long and thanks for the laughs...

Not more than one week after I asked the question “Is Wizard still around?” do they announce that they’re ceasing publication. Wizard magazine was “THE” go-to magazine for everything comic book related in the 1990s and early 2000s. Was this a magazine for bad ass spell casters? No, not at all. Wizard was all about comics. Wizard showcased humorous articles filled insight regarding everything in the comic book world. It should also be noted that Toyfare spawned the incredibly funny “Twisted Meego Theatre” which undoubtedly was the inspiration for Seth Green’s Robot Chicken.

I remember being incredibly excited to rip open a poly-bagged Wizard at my local Barnes and Noble. Sure I generally would just read it and put it back, but I’m sure I was the only one doing that…. right? How many years until there are no such thing as magazines? News stands are looking pretty grim right now.

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  1. Beast_Mode

    sad to see them go. i loved wizard when i was a young nerd.

  2. Pilx

    Not terribly surprising…usually when you have to ask if something is still around it either isn’t or is a strange shell of what it once was. And sadly magazines now-a-days are used solely for reading in the airport while waiting for your TV equipped airplane to arrive.

  3. helloscientist

    I just found my copies of Wizard’s Best of Twisted Toyfare Theater.

    1. Ash

      I won’t lie I used to LOVE wizard magazine and even had a subscription to it for many years. Last I saw it on news stands it was about 1/4 the thickness that it used to be… sad.

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