We Did It! Rated NA Episode #4: Gobble free

We talked about Mass Effect Teasers, Movie Trailers and Hulu Plus Price drops in the news. Hulu Plus, angry cable and video store clerk stories in open thread and wrapped up with reviews of Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer and Assassins Creed on Facebook. We also mentioned putting your hoohaa in things and I snuck some south park talk in if you stick around until the end.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving and now get ready for some retail madness. I’ve already bought two new cell phones (check out amazons wireless for deals).

rated NA Episode 4

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  1. Ash

    This episode should be renamed “We really hate the cable company”.

  2. Beast_Mode

    C’mon guys. Green Lantern looks like garbage. If Ryan Reynolds does Deadpool, I think Green Lantern is going to hurt it. I know Reynolds plays a great asshole. Can he play 2 superhero assholes? I dont know…just sayin.

    1. matt

      I don’t think any of us thought the trailer looked good. I just had higher hopes.

  3. Beast_Mode

    They are putting pop-ups on your TV when you fast forward through commercials soon. Heard that on the radio.

  4. Pilx

    Working in the TV industry I’ll say that at least from my vantage point they still care very little about online, VOD, streaming content. It’s still a novelty to a lot of the higher ups. I don’t know if its because they are old are stupid or because they are completely out of touch with technology and are still focused on an outdated rating system to sell ads. It’s sad watching things go down purely because of money and not content or quality of a product…or hey, making the damn customer happy.

    But I foresee cable companies either dying a slow death or adjusting to the times and providing some of the same services we so badly want now (hulu, netflix, social networking…) within their hardware. I don’t doubt that soon you’ll see cable boxes that start to look like google tv. Of course getting one that works is another story.

    1. Ash

      Within the next few years I think we’ll see a mass exodus of young people from “big cable”, but people my parents age probably don’t want to be bothered learning about the new technology. Hard to say though really.

  5. Beast_Mode

    Matt, I agree with what you said about CoD. I’m always feeling the same way.
    But it is fun when you get good at those games.

  6. Micah G

    I appreciated the ultima shout out… The multiplayer that was back when men where men! And why don’t you guys just do like me and convert all your tv time into streaming porn time, problems solved.

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