Rated NA 65: Underpants Pop Filter

Rated NA 65: Underpants pop filter

We achieve audio engineering excellence as we talk about Microsoft Surface, Xbox, Amazon TV, Nintendo 3DS XL and the much anticipated Mass Effect Extended Cut. We review Brave, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Beseiged 2, and continue the Summer Game Pile series. Finally, your responses about your jobs in the Star Wars universe. Silky Smooth!

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Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect… Hieee-yah!

Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect… hieee-yah!

The highly addictive produce-karate mashup, Fruit Ninja Kinect, is Xbox’s latest offering in the 2011 Summer of Arcade series. Although the game debuted on iOS, and has recently come to the Android market, the Xbox version adds the wrinkle of Kinect functionality — turning this quick finger swiping game into a full body hack and slash. But is it worth the made-up 800 MS points?

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