Allison Thresher: Talks “The ‘Other’ Us” (exclusive Interview)

Allison Thresher: Talks “The ‘Other’ Us” (exclusive interview)

A few weeks ago Matt and I made our way up to PAX:East. It was a great adventure to say the least, and while there we witnessed one of the best panels we’d ever seen, The “Other” Us. The panel focused on gender, community, and the world of gaming in general. “The ‘other’ us” inspired us to write some articles that hopefully you’ve had a chance to read (Ash and Matt) by now. The mastermind behind the panel was one Allison Thresher, former CM turned junior choreographer at Harmonix. I had the pleasure of talking with Allison about the panel, gender in gaming, PAX Pox, and other shenanigans. Enjoy!

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