Beyond Good & Evil Coming To XBLA

Beyond Good & Evil coming to XBLA

This February the cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil, makes a return to the console in HD. Although critically acclaimed, it was commercial flop, leaving those who did play the game clamoring for a sequel. And, unless you are content to play nothing but FPS-inspired sequels for the foreseeable future of disc-based games you’ll want to support the dwindling number of quality, novel experiences like this one.

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Story, A Powerful Ally

Story, a Powerful Ally

For most players, it is obvious that gameplay is king. Game sales are currently dominated by sports, multiplayer FPS, and rhythm games. Everyone knows at least one person whose game shelf is dominated by multiple “years” of sports titles or series’ of online frag-fests. For me, however, storytelling trumps everything.

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