RNA 200

Rated NA 200: A Celebration


HOSTS: Matt, Scott, and Ash

For episode 200 we have some big reveals coming your way. Announcements that you won’t expect and favorite movies that you won’t believe. We answer questions about how we started, our favorite tacos and what secret nerdy passions we have. After that we play a GIANT sized Netflix game with past guest hosts Nate Hales, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows and Kate Dollarhyde. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to 200 more! Thanks for listening!

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  1. Glenn Carretta

    enjoyed your podcast ..very funny

  2. musdy

    WHY not INCLUDE download link?

    1. Scott

      Sure thing. Added to the post. Thanks for listening.

      1. musdy

        Would be great if you could so this from now on.

  3. Carlo

    Haa, I wouldn’t mind living in San Diego, but unfortunately/fortunately I’m only about a 6hr drive one state over. Wasn’t able to secure tix for SDCC this year, so looks like E3 will probably be my last con for the year. Always down for tacos, Congrats again!
    & the DeLorean’s in the shop ;-)..haha

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