Rated NA 118: Pre PAX Posturing


Miellyn stops by to hang out with the gang and talk about Strange Loves 2: Hex Boyfriends, the gamebook sequel to the most excellent Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends. On the weekend before the journey to the Pacific Northwest and PAX, Ash plays Saints Row IV and Hilary watches The White Queen. We talk Ben Affleck & Batman, Steve Ballmer & Microsoft and Heroes of Cosplay. Finally, we talk PAX panels and plans, in addition to the things for which you are most excite in our NAQOTW. It’s a hootenanny!

Rated NA 118


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Nate Hales

    fantasy football is very relevant to my interests…….


    1. Scott

      Excellent! I think that would make 4 so far (including Matt and Myself). If we can get 10-12 together before next Thursday, we should just cobble a list minute draft together. Otherwise, we will be very ahead of schedule for next season.

  2. Eric

    I love fantasy football. I would definitely join!

  3. Carlo

    Just got around to listening, I’d be interested in a NA FFL as well.

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