Rated NA 91: Late nights with Nerd Appropriate

We continue our countdown to PAX with new schemes. Also, news about Witcher 3, and an announcement on the horizon from Sony. Ash checks out the new film, Warm Bodies, and the gang gives some early impressions of Dead Space 3. Finally, you help us wildly speculate about most wanted features in the PS4 in our NAQOTW.

Rated NA 91


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Coles

    Gobble gobble
    Good podcast guys! What would make ps3 a day 1 purchase? Uncharted 4.

    1. Ash

      Good to hear from ya’ Coles. Hope all is well.

  2. Friemering

    I totally should have answered the NAQOTW to show some PS Love. First off Playstation Plus does do Auto game updates & downloads firmware updates for you to install once you’re there. Should be standard feature on PS4. 2 things would make me buy day one. $399 price tage & DVR functionality like Europe has Playstation Play DVR attachment to record your shows and I would want to be able to copy to Vita for watching on the go.
    Just had to input my 2 cents altho late. Yes this is THAT Robert.

    1. Ash

      Hey there! I do realize we come across as “anti-PS3” in this episode, but I do think it’s a wonderful piece of hardware. It’s the GUI and poor community integration is what upsets me about the system. Like I said in the episode, once I’m actually PLAYING it, I love the system.

      1. Friemering

        I know you guys aren’t haters, it was just some negative replies & I coulda evened it out a bit.

    2. Scott

      I’ve since been reminded about some interesting technology features, such as the PS branded headset that has UI integration, or the fact that you can use the Vita to stream to and fro with the PS3. Not sure how often folks use these features, but I can certainty appreciate stuff like that.

      1. Friemering

        Streaming content locally is great but over internet it’s still pretty bad. But it’s another feature that sounds great and hopefully gets better with faster internets. I really don’t see them doing a WiiU Game Pad like controller but I can see the Vita as an optional controller. You already do that with like only 2 games for PS3.

  3. Nate Hales

    Organized fighting in Hockey needs to be part of all sports.

    Good work Ash, way to play games.

    I fully support Ash’s panel and will be expecting my invite to rant on it.

    Interesting discussion about the furture of Star Wars. Honestly, I don’t experience much outside the movies and SWTOR. I am a fan of Star Wars, but I have never been a rabid supporter. If it’s done well, I am all for it, but it does feel like Disney’s current approach is make EVERYTHING and see what turns out. That run the risk of watering the whole product down.

    Just started my Dead Space 3 experience. Sound is AMAZING, but I have not experienced the scare yet. Might be because I am playing co-op. Didn’t know about the ammo to scrap thing, good tip.

    Glad to hear Windows Phone has a great game. I am still waiting the Windows Phone to make a splash. I really hope it does. I have been considering the switch from iPhone for a while, but iMessage has become a integral part of my life.

    There is room in the online space. I don’t think it is fair to say the completely failed. Just because it isn’t as widely accepted as XBL, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Is it as good? No. Do you pay for it? No. I believe it is about being first to the market and snagging players. They are what make the experience. You go where your friends are.

    Absolutely. Skype will be in everything Microsoft owns. They bought it and intend to use it. Personally, I am excited for that day. I love Skype and unifying my communication experience is something I want.

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