Nerd Appropriate Gets Monstrous With Digital Blush

A few weeks ago we were talking with author Miellyn Barrows about her sister Anastasia’s uncanny ability to transform folks into a variety of creatures using some form of dark wizardy (photoshop).  A few weeks later, like magic, these terrifying images appeared suddenly in my inbox. If you’ve ever wondered what the NA crew would look like in the guise of  a sassy cyborg, dapper werewolf, snarky gargoyle, or glittery succubus, well… Now you know. Anastasia’s Etsy shop Digital Blush can transform you, or your arch nemesis, into whatever your heart desires.
It’s morphin’ time!  Is that line taken?

L to R: Matt, Scott, Ash, Hilary

Digital Blush – Etsy Store

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