Rated NA 61

Rated NA 61: Large Huge Ellipsoids

Brand new theme song from Jimmy Hinson aka Big Giant Circles!! We talk Gears, Star Wars, Zombies, pre-E3, Microsoft, Comics, Mass Effect, Dragon’s Dogma, Max Payne 3 and more! On this music inspired episode you tell us what the soundtrack to your life would sound like. Thank you BGC!

Rated NA 61


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    Ok huge childhood flashback when you sang Denver the last dinosaur lol.

    1. Ash

      Haha! They hate when I “Denver” out.

      1. Scott

        Not true (See rated NA 38 above)!

  2. Laurence Kone

    This episode alone pretty much gives out my P.O.V. of why I barely invest in RPGs. 

    1. Scott

      I overgeneralized to make a point. But I find it really difficult to want to play another fantasy RPG, after just completing 80+ hours of another. This is where good pallet cleansing games come in, like driving games or even kinect experiences. 

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