Nerd Appropriate: new site launch!

Hats off to Matt for completing the brand new!

Some new features include

  • shiny new interface
  • simple to browse categories
  • easily accessible podcasts
  • featured articles
  • and much much more.

Also, what else is coming in February?

The Wedding-Writers needed – With Scott finally getting betrothed and going to San Diego for a few weeks we will be down a writer/ editor.. I’ll try and pick up the slack a bit, but we need a few more people with the burning desire to write.  If any of you want to write an article about something “nerdy”, drop us an E-mail and let us know!

Interviews – We have some fun interviews coming up very very soon. February is going to be our biggest month yet.  Sworn to secrecy all I can say is that one interview is with a member of the mega-poplar series The Guild, while the other is a certain “master of unlocking”.  We have at least three more big interviews coming your way this month alone, so hold on to your butts. Keep your eyes on the site – “like”, retweet, and spread the love. Thank you so much!

  • al

    i want to write an article about something nerdy, but i probably won’t get around to it anyway. you should just write articles pretending to be scott.

  • Pilx

    Diggin the new site look. I’ll write you guys up something real nice like…you are probably going to hate it.

  • Hayley

    I’d like to write a nerdy article! I have plenty of time right now since I’m currently unemployed. I know I am not as nerdy as Scott but I think I can pull off something nerd appropriate for you guys.

  • When I get home from this work travel I’m going to start on that Sci Fi/Horror Brit shows review

    • Ash

      Please do, we’d love it. You have a knowledge of bad movies unlike regular mortals.