WOW: A Photo Safari Of The Cataclysm

WOW: A Photo Safari of the Cataclysm

Why I won’t be returning: In all honesty it felt like sitting down with an old girlfriend for a cup of coffee. You sit across from each other and and have that moment when you slowly realize why you’re not still together. All of her quirks and faults that you once found endearing are now just annoying as hell. You may always love aspects of her, but you now fully realize her time is totally up… just like WOW.

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WOW: A Cataclysm Is On The Horizon.

WOW: A cataclysm is on the horizon.

I quit playing WOW ages ago, but something I read recently sparked my interest. For one week everyone that had a WOW account at some point can come back to the game for FREE. That’s right, no WOW subscription fee for an entire week. Why are they doing this you ask? Well, Blizzard is blowing up the world. When the servers go up today, Deathwing the dragon will have decimated Azeroth. The World of Warcraft will never be the same.

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