Flight Delayed

Podcast delayed


I know, I know, you all woke up this morning in huge anticipation of listening to us talk about all the nerdy things we had in store, but here’s the thing, my stuff is strewn across the new house in boxes right now and the room affectionately called the p-cast room is not really up to snuff yet. I promise I will take a moment in the next day or so to get the last episode edited and up.

Sorry for the delay but I will get the episode out soon!

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  1. Ash

    priorities dude… priorities…

  2. matt

    or maybe im just playing portal on xbox live…no one will ever know

    1. Ryan

      Only those of us who were also on Xbox Live.

  3. helloscientist

    or watching Netflix.

  4. Ryan

    Go old school. Host the show in an IRC channel.

  5. Ash

    Matt told me that this will be out tomorrow Dec 30th.

    1. Ash

      Matt lies

      1. helloscientist

        Lies bad.

        1. Ash


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